Hanging Toys Soft Baby Fitness Frame Baby Gym

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Provide opportunities for reaching, grasping, and batting at objects, promoting hand-eye coordination and cognitive development through sensory exploration.

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The Cognition Of Different Colors And Shapes, Nine Months Old Babies Can Learn To Stand Up With The Help Of Activity Gym. *The Hanging Ring Bell Can Be Dismounted For Playing And Babies Also Can Nibble Or Teething Gel On The Ring Belt, Which Will Promote Tooth Development Of Babies. *Infant Toddlers Baby Gym Arch Musical Light Fitness Activity Grab Toys Baby Gym, Item Is Packed In A Colorful Box Which Makes It A Perfect Gift Idea! *Three Months Old Babies Can Lie And Touch The Ring Belt With Their Small Teeth Or Hands, Which Will Promote The Development Of Arm And Leg Muscles. *Six Months Old Babies Can Sit And Play The Hanging Ring Bell, Which Will Train Grasping Capability And Flexibility Of Babies Small Hands. *Scientific Activity Gym: Scientific Design With Perfect Size, Conform To Small Kids Physical Development. *The Hanging Activities Toys Also Encourage Early Fine And Gross Motors Skills As Babies Begin To Reach, Bat, Grab, And Kick At Interesting Toys.

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