Soft Building and Stacking Blocks for Toddles


  • FOLLOW THE CHILD’S DEVELOPMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS -Professional research has shown that newborns are attracted to high-contrast baby toys than to color and brightness alone. Soft building block toys with 24 sides visual stimulation and high contrasting numbers, letters, animals, and patterns, stacking and building blocks for toddlers 1-3, babies respond to the strong contrast between black and white, which makes this the perfect first toy for baby to develop brains.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN EASIER ATTRACT CHILDREN’S ATTENTION -Our baby toys 0-3 months (4 pieces) are ready for your baby: each side has different content, such as numbers, letters, animals, patterns, vehicles, fruits, to help newborns understand new horizons,These baby high-contrast building blocks can also stimulate the baby’s first year of memory, which is the ideal first tummy time for babies who are just starting to see and learn.
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  • MADE FOR LITTLE HANDS -Baby put everything into their mouth, the quality of this soft baby blocks toy is extremely important. Our building block toys is made of polyester, totally safe for your baby:non-toxic, strong stitching, washable.Blocks are soft, lightweight and perfect for squeezing, throwing and building.
  • GIVE YOUR CHILD A FLYING START -This black and white design blocks for toddlers 1-3 gives you a chance with your baby to have a warm moment together. At the same time, It is an early development toy: The baby blocks toys Black and White high contrast baby toys develop baby eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence and experience with cause and effect.
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